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21-07-2014 10:10

The project has been supported by the European Union, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Introducing the modern production technology in the aluminium door
manufacturing at Rolla Metal Inc.

May 30, 2014

The investment in an up-to-date, modern production technology commenced at the Rolla Metal Zrt, which is necessary to strengthen and increase our position in the market. The technological development of the production management will be implemented as part of the project no. KMOP 1.2.1-13/B-2013-0017 sponsored by the European Union in the new production site.

Project scope: Introducing the modern production technology in the aluminium door manufacturing at Rolla Metal Inc.

Description of the project: Rolla Metal Inc. wishes to increase its production capabilities, the quality of its products as well as the number of profile types it can manufacture in order to increase the production efficiency, furthermore it aims to expand to the export markets.

The production line to be implemented is mainly CNC controlled and is connected to a central server. In addition to the software currently in use at the company, further software applications supporting the production will be introduced to aid the work of our engineers and increase the productivity of the unique structures.

Connecting the production to the already existing SAP system, the profiles required for the production of the individual structures will be picked automatically from a paternoster buffer storage, similarly to the additional components required for the finished doors which are picked by a multilift picking system. During the process the system calls for retrospective controls in order to avoid mispicks, with the aid of a bar code system soon to be implemented.

By the development, the quantity of the energy consumption and the waste can be decreased, thus our process becomes more environment conscious, more in line with the principles of sustainable development, as well as result in the decrease of the costs in an even more sensitive market situation.

Name and address of the Beneficiary: Rolla Metal Inc., H-2310. Szigetszentmiklós (Hungary), Petőfi Sándor u. 137., Topographical lot No.: 12902/19. Phone: 24/887-250 Fax: 24/887-251, E-mail: rolla@rolla.hu

Amount of subsidy requested: HUF 200 000 000

With the collaboration of: Pro Régió Közép-Magyarországi Regionális Fejlesztési és Szolgáltató Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft., H-1146 Budapest (Hungary), Hermina út 17.



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