Gate Systems

Distribution and installation of gate systems

Besides the steel and wooden doors, the product portfolio of gate systems manufactured by the NOVOFERM group is also significant.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • apartment garage doors
    • folding garage doors with steel and wooden finish decorated with various motifs
    • thermo insulated folding garage doors (NOVISO)
    • thermo insulated sectional doors: with ISO 20/34/45 panel width
    • side opening sectional garage doors (NOVOSIDE)
    • thermo insulated roller shutter garage doors (NOVOROL)
  • industrial doors
    • THERMO insulated sectional doors
    • NOVOLUX panorama sectional doors
    • NOVOSPEED quick action doors
    • roller shutters and roller grills
    • industrial folding garage doors (TRAFIMATIC and TRAFÉCO)
  • garage door operators, controls, rails, door accessories

Detailed presentation on the doors can be found under the "Products" menu section.

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