Rolla Metal Zrt.

The Hungarian ROLLA company group has been an active player of the domestic market of doors and windows for over 25 years.

In a joints effort the member companies offer to the customers a complete and mutually harmonized and supplementary package of products and services ranging from the designing, through preparation, assessment and material deliveries up to construction/installation.

Members and activities of the ROLLA company group:


    Cégcsoportunk a leányvállalatok számára menedzsment szolgáltatást nyújtó tagcége, amely biztosítja a megfelelő infrastrukturális hátteret a leányvállalatok megfelelő szakági működéséhez.


    The main activity of this company is the production and implementation of metal structures, such as exterior and interior doors and windows manufactured from SCHÜCO aluminium profile bars, as well as curtain walls, illuminating atriums and glass roofs. Plastic doors and windows will also be manufactured as of 2014, thus extending the services of the company group with yet another product range. Besides the manufacturing and implementing activities, the company deals also with property development, and provides management services to subsidiary companies.

  • ROLLA ART Llc.

    This company deals with the designing and production engineering of aluminium structures in close cooperation with the manufacturing and implementing activities of ROLLA METAL Inc.


    The high quality steel doors and windows of the German NOVOFERM group are distributed by this company. These doors and windows are available for a wide range of applications, and offer solution for all kinds of requirements. The product range includes: steel frames and doors, fire retarding and multiple purpose industrial doors, tilting and sectored gates for private garages, industrial gates, roller gates, roller gratings and complete loading systems.


    This company distributes products manufactured by the German Westag & Getalit AG, including interior wooden doors, as well as the associated hardware, handles, locks, door hinges, door closers and other accessories. Both the design and the available colours selection of the wooden door ranges follow the latest trends in interior architecture. Besides the standard doors, the company offers doors to match special requirements, such as fire resistant and fireproof doors, noise control doors, safety entrance doors, doors for water handling and wet rooms, and for radiation protection.

The company group moved to its new premises in Szigetszentmiklós (Hungary) during the summer of 2012, where a modern office building, a well equipped production hall and a recently implemented high warehouse system ensure ideal conditions for the manufacture and distribution of doors and windows made of aluminium, steel, wood, and just recently of plastic.


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